Members:  Mehrad Hidden | Saman Wilson | Sohrab MJ | Sijal | Alireza JJ | Nassim
Years Active : 2002 – 2014 ,  2020 – Present

گروه زدبازی
اعضا: سامان ویلسون | مهراد هیدن | سهراب ام جی | سیجل |علیرضا جی جی | نسیم
سالهای فعالیت: 2002 تا 2014 ، 2020 تا به حال

Zedbazi (Persian: زدبازی‎) is an Iranian hip hop band, formed by longtime friends Saman Wilson and Mehrad Hidden from Tehran, and later joined by Sohrab MJ, Sijal, Alireza JJ and Nassim. They are known as the pioneers of Persian Gangsta rap in Iran. The band’s first song called “Diss Ajili” is largely credited as the first wildly heard piece of Persian Rap.

The band was officially suspended in October 2014 due to personal reasons. On May 20, 2020 Zedbazi announced they are back on their Instagram page. Shortly after on June 10, 2020, they released two single tracks named Yakh (یخ; meaning ice), a diss track to Hichkas and Moltafet, and Bache Mahal (بچه محل; meaning neighborhood’s kid) talking about their past path to becoming famous from the beginning of Persian Rap in Iran. The songs were released on Radio Javan.

The Foundation of the band dates back to early 2002. It was started up by Saman Rezapour (Saman Wilson) and Mehrad Mostofi-Rad (Mehrad Hidden), who were friends in a high school in Tehran. Despite having older experiences in music, the formation of the band as in a hip hop style was motivated by Saman’s cover of Eminem‘s Without Me, which was performed with a matched vulgar lyrics written in Persian. After moving to London, they met Sohrab Mostavafi (Sohrab MJ) in a summer school, where he joined the band after collaborating on Kal Kal (کل‌کل – Kal-kal, “Argue”), a cover of D12‘s Rap Game.

The first collaboration of Siavash Jalali (Sijal) and Alireza Jazayeri (Alireza JJ) with the band’s earlier members was Berim Faza (بریم فضا – Berim Fazā, “(Let’s) Go to Space”), produced by Alireza JJ in 2005. Siavash and Alireza were best friends in Paris, where they had also met Nassim Parize, an Iranian finalist at the French reality TV show Star Academy (Season 5) with her twin sister, Neissa.

The three future band members officially joined Zedbazi by releasing Tabestoon Kootahe (تابستون کوتاهه – Tābestun Kutāh e, “Summer is Short”) in September 2007. They brought a new style into the band, as Mehrad Hidden remarks in Ardeshir Ahmadi’s Zedbazi Documentary. “The formula they brought was different than ours. Our formula was necessary for the inception, theirs was necessary for the continuation.”

The name Zedbazi (زدبازی – Zedbāzi) consists of the words zed (“Z”, the first letter of zakhar meaning mate) and bāzi (“play”). It is what Saman and his friends used to call each other in high school, and according to the band, it can mean both “an old and close friend” and “an old-fashioned and fusty person”; it depends on the purpose. Therefore, Zedbazi can be translated as “the zakhar acts.”

Until 2012, the band had yet to release an album, and their songs were provided as singles.

Their first studio album, Zakhar Nameh (زاخارنامه – Zāxār Nāme, “The Zakhar Book”), was released on June 4, 2012. All of the band members, except Saman Wilson, were involved in the album, featuring Hichkas, Behzad Leito and Arash Dara.

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