Sahand Quazi

Sahand Quazi / سهند کوآزی

The Founder of RAPLARZEH

a.k.a. Quazinator

Sahand Davarpanah (Persian/Farsi: سهند داورپناه) (born July 11, 1985 / ۱۳۶۴ تیر), currently known as his stage name Sahand Quazi (Persian سهند کوآزی) is an Iranian record producer and rapper. He is also the founder of Raplarzeh (Persian: رپلرزه) Entertainment Co. the first Persian HipHop International music Record label & Production 

In 2008 Quazi released his first solo song entitled “Hamhameh”, despite being banned by several television stations for showing the modern day Flag of Iran (the Islamic Republic of Iran’s flag) the song was well received with honors on YouTube and has since been collectively viewed a quarter million times., Which puts this songs as one of hit songs/music videos In Iranian Rap In a Los Angeles Times article he mentioned that his music is “facing his own culture.”