حصین / Ho3ein

Hossein Rahmati (born 1987 / Persian: حسین رحمتی), better known by his stage Name Ho3ein (A.K.A Hossein Eblis) is a Persian rapper. Ho3ein Was Born in Mashhad, Iran.
He Started the Hip-Hop Group (051) along with Some of his Friends.
In 2004, He released his First Track named “To Zendeh Mimooni” with 051. His Second Track was “Kal Kal Nakon” That also was One of the first Diss-Tracks in Persian Hip-Hop History.
After a while, The 051 Group dissipated and He went on a Hiatus for 3 years. After He went to Yerevan, Armenia for His Academic Educations, Then his First track after 3 years of silence named “Hasrat” was Released. After This he met Sadegh and They  Launched Kaqaz Records Together. 
In the Meantime He Featured On Chalim II music video with Mojan Yz & Saman PI From Raplarzeh (The First Persian Hip-Hop Company)
Chalim II Trended on Social Media and Became a Megahit in less than a week even Stayed On Top 10 Ranking of FHH Top Music Charts for Months
Ho3ein continued his career without The Eblis Suffix and Released More Songs With Kaqaz Records.