Erfan / عرفان

صفحه اختصاصی عرفان در پارسی هیپ هاپ

Erfan Hajrasuliha was born in Isfahan, Iran.
He is an Iranian rapper and music producer known widely for his poetry and social commentary on contemporary politics. The middle eastern artist has release three successful albums since his career began in 2007: Az Khaneh Ta Goor, Hamishegi, and Khodafezi.

His debut album, Az Khaneh ta Goor, released in 2007, was named after a Molaana Rumi poem about death.

He is the Founder of  Paydar Record Label

Collaborated With

His 2016 album Khodafezi featured appearances by rapper Behzad Leito and singer Sami Beigi.

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